Helping Others Today (HOT)

Helping Others Today (HOT) is a not-for-profit initiative established by Bernard Loeffke and his children, Marc and Kristina.

HOT supports the Friendship Fund of the United States Military Academy at West Point.  The purpose of this fund is to foster friendships between young leaders of China, the former Soviet Union, and the United States of America.

Read a short article about West Point cadets in China!

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In his book, The Least Beastly, Bernard Loeffke shares how the Helping Others Today vision began years ago.

A grass-roots effort, HOT seeks to foster meaningful relationships using medical and educational tools. 

One HOT initiat
ive is called "Teach One Child". The idea is that a single child, when taught to teach, can have both community and global impacts.  The process begins with the child's family, then the local school and community, and eventually the child's country and beyond.  Click on the image below.

Across the globe, HOT has or currently supports a variety of projects, including: 
  • The organization Children Incorporated
  • An orphanage in Guatemala
  • A reconciliation camp in Ireland
  • An AIDS clinic in Kenya
  • A free clinic in Haiti
  • A school in a refugee camp in Sudan
  • A day care center in Kosovo
  • Aiding low income children in the Third World
  • Educating nurses in Niger
  • Teaching English in Anshang, China
  • Teaching preventive medicine to elementary school children in Xi'an, China
This website is our organization's attempt to strengthen and disseminate peace through personal relations.  Monies for initiatives are generated from the sale of books, lectures, and seminars.

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