The Friendship Fund

Cultural Immersion in China for West Point Cadets

HOT supports the Friendship Fund at the United States Military Academy.

The purpose of this Fund is to strengthen friendships between young leaders of China, the former Soviet Union, and the United States.

The Friendship Fund was created in 1992 by Major General (ret) Bernard Loeffke in memory of Sergeant Larry Morford, a young Soldier who sought ways to build friendships between nations during the Vietnam War until his untimely death. Each year, the Friendship Fund makes it possible for fourth-year Russian and Chinese majors at the United States Military Academy to participate in an academic competition called the Friendship Award.

The Friendship Award seeks to inspire future American soldier-statesmen (cadets) to increase their understanding of their Russian and Chinese colleagues, and vice versa. MG Loeffke believes that one way to strengthen peace is to encourage West Point cadets to meet with the junior military leaders of other nations and build long-term personal relationships.

Previously, General Loeffke worked with American cadets to write — in Russian or Chinese — about ways to improve Russian / Chinese-US national security relations, while Russian and Chinese cadets write — in English — about the same topic. The written submissions could be in any form — a true story, a work of fiction, a poem, an essay, a song — that demonstrates understanding and creative thinking about ways to bridge differences and bring peace. The annual Friendship Award is presented to those whose written expression makes evident a dedication to the ideals of building friendships between peoples.

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