Helping Others Today (HOT)

West Point and Chinese cadets in China
West Point and Chinese cadets in China

Helping Others Today (HOT) is a not-for-profit initiative established by Bernard Loeffke and his children, Marc and Kristina.

HOT supports the Friendship Fund of the United States Military Academy at West Point. The purpose of this fund is to foster friendships between young leaders of China, the former Soviet Union, and the United States of America.

This website is our organization’s attempt to strengthen and disseminate peace through personal relations.  Monies for initiatives are generated from the sale of books, lectures, and seminars.

For more information about how you can purchase books, please visit our Our Books page.

Article – August 2022 – Cooperation Or Confrontation?

As I look back in history, there were many important events that occurred 50 years ago. One major event that’s often overlooked in the year of Watergate, was President Richard M. Nixon’s visit to China in February 1972. This visit officially reopened the doors to U.S./China relationships. It was important to me personally, militarily and diplomatically.

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The 50th Anniversary Run/Walk

Download the 50 miles on the 50th anniversary certificate
Download the 50 miles on the 50th-anniversary certificate

Article – April 2022: ROOM 301

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the start of US/SINO relations, American friends of China established Room 301. This Presidential Suite hotel room in West Point’s famous Hotel Thayer tells of several US/Sino events through pictures on the walls. Download our latest article Room 301.

China and US:  A General’s Dream

A grass-roots effort, HOT seeks to foster meaningful relationships using medical and educational tools.

Teach One Child Program

One HOT initiative is called “Teach One Child“. The idea is that a single child, when taught to teach, can have both community and global impacts.  The process begins with the child’s family, then the local school and community, and eventually the child’s country and beyond.