The 50th Anniversary Run Walk Event Rules

The Event Rules

The 50th Anniversary run/walk is a ten-person event.

A) To increase participation we instituted handicaps as in golf.

ONE MILE If we are 20-30 years of age we have a handicap of one mile.

TWO MILES 31-40 years a handicap of two miles.

THREE MILES 41-50 a handicap of 3.

FOUR MILES If we are between 51-60 we have a handicap of 4. That is the highest.

The way it works. To participate in the 50th-anniversary run/walk we must be able to complete at least one mile in less than an hour. Each participant then adds the handicap for a total of 5 miles.

For example, I am 50 years old and my handicap is 3. We added it to the one mile I ran for a total of 4 miles. I need to do one more mile to reach the 5-mile requirement. The handicaps allow young children as well as older adults to participate in this Anniversary Event.

B) We award any child less than 10 years old a handicap of 4 miles. So a child who is 9 years old will automatically have four miles added to his/her one mile for a total of 5 miles.

C) We already have family and friends who completed the team 50-mile requirement. The father and mother did five miles each. Two brothers and a sister completed their five miles.

A son who is 7 did one mile and his handicap of 4 gave him a total of five miles. A grandfather (63) did one mile. His handicap of 4 gave him a total of five miles.

The team needed four more participants so they recruited four friends who ran 5 miles each. This brought the team effort to 50 miles. Each team member went to the website and printed their certificates.

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All the Best,
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